Thursday, 29 December 2016

NEW YEAR SPECIAL - 100KW! - 6145khz

Hello everyone!

I have the honour to annouce the NEW YEAR SPECIAL, to be aired on 01/01/2017 at 21:00UTC.
Radio Pushka will be airing from Armenia, with 100kW of power, on 6145khz.

This NEW YEAR SPECIAL is not only Radio Pushka's.

Right before us, starting at 20:00UTC, "The Golden 80's Rewind" will be airing some amazing classics from... guess what? The 80's!
The show is hosted by our friend Jordan, and I can assure you, you wont regret tunning in.

We will use our traditional digimodes, MFSK32 and SSTV.

Also, we abandoned the CW ID and something new was added. Please keep your waterfalls on on the beggining and end of the show, coz we will be paiting them! This is a gift from one of our listeners =D. Thank you!

The 18th of December edition will also be repeated tomorrow (30/12/2016) on 6070khz at 15:00UTC, due to a strong interference issue we had (mea culpa).

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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