Monday, 2 January 2017

New Year Special + QSL Card + Technical issues

Dear Listeners and friends of Radio Pushka,

It was a big pleasure to be on air once again and it is marvelous to receive so many reports from you guys! It was a New Year Special, transmiting together with Golden 80's Rewind. Thanks Jordan =D.
This week all emails will have a repply. I promisse.
Meanwile, just taking a qick look at the inbox, I can tell that Germany was our BIG listener, but other countries are all well represented.

Again we faced some technical issues and we are still trying to figure out what happened. The SSTV was not received by anyone, simply because it seems like it was not transmited.

The QSL card numbers that I'll be sending is higher than I expected, so I think that by 13th or 16th of this month I'll be able to send them all.


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